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Equality feels like oppression when all you’ve known is privilege*

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Stronger Together

Is It Paul or Dr. King?

A New Age is Dawning




Challenged for a Lifetime

Timeless Presence

Israel, Jordan and Virtues

Wilderness Faith

Five Keys to Success

A Time for Hope

Symbols of the Season

The Season of Anticipation in a Time of Wonder

The Season of Anticipation in a Time of Remembrance

The Season of Anticipation in a Time of Unrest

The Season of Anticipation in a Time of Joy

The Season of Anticipation in a Time of Retreat

The Season of Anticipation in a Time of Gentleness

The Season of Anticipation

Becoming the Feet: The Relationship of Incarnation and Solidarity

Walking with the Dead

Should I Stay or Should I Go?  My Outset on El Camino, and Wrestling with Uncertainty

The Book of Enoch and Its Importance to Anyone Interested in Biblical History

Capstone, Milestone, and Concrete Ministry—The Culmination of a Master of Divinity Degree

The Entreatment of Christ

Northeastern Seminary Women’s Retreat Reflection: Part 2

Northeastern Seminary Women’s Retreat Reflection: Part 1

Shalom Challenged—A Path Forward

Shalom Challenged—A Head-on View

Shalom Challenged—What Happened to the Redemptive Struggle?

Meditation on a Theme from Wesley and St. Paul

Mary’s Expectation

A Voice Crying

It’s Time for a Messiah

Altering Expectations

Welcome to Wonder

Emmanuel ... Again

For Righteousness in Our Neighborhoods

God’s Expressions of Hope

Prayerful Reading

Surrendering My Brokenness at the Table

God’s Transformative Gift

Being Military Friendly is Just the Order of the Day

A Glitch in God’s Intentions?

Vulnerability Re-Imagined

Cultivating Ministries that Learn From Individuals Living with Disabilities

In Context, In Israel: Explore, Learn, Grow

Holy Land 2016: Musing on a Theology of Place

Violence Against Women: Theological Reflection and Response

Violence Against Women: There is Much Work to be Done, Beginning with the Church

The politics of addressing domestic violence in our churches

Failing to address sexual abuse of teens in our churches

Embracing my Genuine Spiritual Identity

Help us, Lord

The Gospel and the Kingdom: Esau McCaulley’s Talk for the Rochester Preaching Conference

Herod as Pharaoh?

To Thrive In A Foreign Land: The Faithful Service of Northeastern Seminary Students and Alumni

Hosanna: A Shout of Praise or Cry for Deliverance? ..

All the Resources You Need To Take Action Against Modern-day Slavery—You and Your Sphere Of Influence

Hope is Alive Through Christlikeness

Sabbath-Keeping: Practicing Openness

An Advent Meditation

Advent Reflection: Holy Intervention

Sabbath-Keeping: So We Can Look For God

Second Saturday of Advent: Faithful living in an age of panic

Second Friday of Advent: Coming to terms with change

Second Thursday of Advent: Faith and politics in Advent

Second Wednesday of Advent: God's cleansing fire

Second Tuesday of Advent: God’s alien deed

Second Monday of Advent: Discerning the times

Second Sunday of Advent: A harvest of disappointment

Sabbath-Keeping: An Intentional Endeavor

The Writer's Calling: A Seminary Student's Reflections

Doing Something About Violence Against Women and Girls

Youth Ministry: Rollercoasters and Practicing Theology

No Longer Jew or Gentile: Does Paul Reject Cultural Identity?

Multi-cultural Ministry: Unity in Diversity

The Cross and Gendercide: A Theological Response to Global Violence Against Women and Girls

Preaching God's Grace

Looking for the Resurrection from the Dead, Life of the World to Come

Our Struggles—Danger, Punishment, Reward

A Call to Repentance

Growth in the Night Times of Life

The Doctor of Ministry Program Was Like a Rocket Boost

Two Ways to Make Time for a D.Min. Degree

5 Ways My D.Min. Research Added Value to My Ministry

Experiencing the Hol(istic) Package in a Doctor of Ministry Degree

The Value of a Backstory in Team Building

10 (or 11) Must-have Qualities for a Student Leader

That Just Seems Crazy To Me

He Comes Down from Heaven

Christmas Response

Swimming In Words, Then Wrapped In Warm Wisdom

The Longing of the Wait

Holy Intervention

The Gift of the Word

Free, Inordinate Gift

Immanuel, God With Us

Preparing for the Baby

God Is With Us


Magnificat: Meditation on The Annunciation (Luke 1:26-55)

Contented Godliness

Ordered Steps

The Changing Face of Higher Education ... Seminary Included!

4 Pastorates, One Congregation: Learnings of a Long-tenured Pastor

Re-orienting Prayer

Eschatology and Ecofeminist Theology: The Challenge of Preaching the "New Creation" in a Time of Environmental Crisis

The Cosmos or the Kingdom—Can the Church Be a Bridge?

The Earth is Full of Holy Glory

Compassion and Neuroscience—Sister, Can You Spare a Dollar?

5 Things I Learned from my Youth Pastors

Spiritual Formation for Teens is More Than Camp

Questions About a Certain "Brand" of Student in Youth Ministry

5 Back-to-school Tips for Youth Ministry - It's the Most Wonderful Time

Talking to Christian Teens About Sex

What Does Our Identity Crisis Have to Do With Sex

What Scripture Says About Sex

Going Deeper in Youth Ministry

Church Renewal - What, Where, When and How

Bringing Comfort and Peace Through Hospice

Top 3 Things I Learned at Northeastern Seminary

Rooted in Faith, Wrapped in Fun - Reforming Children's Ministry

Recovery Ministries: A Place of Trust and Safety

The Role of the Church When Faced With Victims of Violence?

Poor Health—The New Vice, or Sin, or Crime?

Stop the Language of Violence

Prepared to Be a Pastor?

Growing Oaks from Seeds

Choosing a Good Ministry Placement

Don't Lose the Mission Behind Missional (Part II)

Don't Lose the Mission Behind Missional (Part I)

Being Culturally and Biblically Literate

The Celebrated Peasant-King

"I Do!"

Beyond Disability Awareness: 4 Ways to Equip Your Church to Serve

Why Spiritual Formation is Important in Seminary [Part Three]

An Equipping Model of Ministry

Church Response to People with Disabilities: 3 Approaches

3 Reasons to Pursue your M.Div. at an Upstate NY Seminary

Misconceptions About Clergy and Laity

Is Seminary For You? 3 Things to Consider

Why Spiritual Formation is Important in Seminary [Part Two]

Like Walking on Water: A Christmas Poem by a Seminary Graduate

The Benefits of Test-Driving Ministry through Field Education

Why Spiritual Formation is Important in Seminary

Start the New Year, Start Seminary: 7 Reasons to Start in January

Rural Ministry: Rewards and Challenges

What's It Like to Be a Chaplain?

Baby Boomers Going to Seminary

7 Reasons to Consider a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

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