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Richard Moran, Jr.

Richard Moran, Jr. (M.Div.) is a member of Bethel AME Church in Schenectady. N.Y. and is a candidate-on-trial for ministry with the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Surrendering My Brokenness at the Table

Two icons were projected on the wall. The first depicted the Father, Son and Holy Spirit sitting at a table. When asked where I was in the icon as the viewer I discovered I was sitting at the edge of the table in the foreground—not only welcome at the table with the Trinity, but already sitting there. The second icon was “The Harrowing of Hell.” It showed Jesus Christ after he was crucified and descended into hell. I was told that “harrowing” was taking a long tool and plunging it into the soil to bring the nutrients to the top, a powerful metaphor for Jesus’ message to the lost souls: “this is not what you were made to be, come with me.”

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