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Start the New Year, Start Seminary: 7 Reasons to Start in January

Posted by JP Anderson on Nov 3, 2011 3:13:00 PM
Perhaps you are like me that when August comes around, you naturally think about starting school. This is the case for many of us. However, through the history of Northeastern Seminary, we have found that some people really value the opportunity to start in January (spring semester), rather than in the fall. Below are seven reasons why people start in January. 
  • Some occupations (ex. teachers, agricultural workers, etc.) have busy fall seasons and January allows these people toJanuary 2012 resized 600 start seminary at a time when their workload is more manageable
  • Individuals can qualify for returning student scholarships as early as their second semester instead of having to complete a full academic year
  • There are often unique scholarships specially earmarked for students who start in January
  • Starting in January allows individuals to graduate one semester sooner
  • The January group of seminary students tends to be smaller which fosters an even greater sense of personal attention and community with faculty and colleagues 
  • Students who begin in January - when video conferencing among multiple classroom sites around New York State is not part of the academic instruction - enjoy the live presence of faculty in every class
  • Starting your courses in January allows you to study the same fully accredited curriculum and benefit from the same excellent teaching that is provided in our September start courses.
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