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Dr. Douglas R. Cullum

Dr. Douglas R. Cullum, vice president and dean and professor of historical and pastoral theology. Dr. Cullum holds four graduate degrees, and is an ordained clergyman. His earned degrees include: Ph.D., M.Phil., Drew University; Th.M., Duke University; M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary; B.A., Asbury College. Dr. Cullum's teaching ministry emphasizes the seamless relationship between the academic and practical aspects of Christian theology. His desire is to assist the local church in finding renewal along biblical and classical lines.

Holy Land 2016: Musing on a Theology of Place

Holy_Land_Trip_2016There are many advantages of making a journey to the Holy Land. An on-location-immersion in the history and geography of the biblical narrative makes the Bible come alive in a fresh way. The stories are no longer distant, flat, or abstract. The stories of the Bible become multi-dimensional and packed with new insight. Having the opportunity to see the sights Jesus saw, walk the streets he walked, and breathe the air he breathed can transform the way we think about the extraordinary measures God took to invest in humanity.

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