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Ordered Steps

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This month we will be sharing a collection of short readings by Northeastern Seminary alumni as they reflect on and rejoice in the gifts of God's grace and the signs of Christ present during this Advent Season. Today's guest post was written by Yulanda McKinney.

The Changing Face of Higher Education ... Seminary Included!

graphics lab 2

A guest post by Dr. Douglas R. Cullum, vice president and dean at Northeastern Seminary

4 Pastorates, One Congregation: Learnings of a Long-tenured Pastor

iStock city church

A guest post by Rev. Harry Heintz, special assistant to the dean at Northeastern Seminary

Re-orienting Prayer

seminary students praying

A guest post by Jonathan Bratt, a presenter at the New Creation conference

Eschatology and Ecofeminist Theology: The Challenge of Preaching the "New Creation" in a Time of Environmental Crisis

sunlit trees

A guest post by Leah D. Schade, a presenter at the New Creation conference

The Cosmos or the Kingdom—Can the Church Be a Bridge?

mackinaw bridge

A guest post by David Ketter, presenter at the New Creation conference

The Earth is Full of Holy Glory

The Earth is Full of Holy Glory

A guest post by Howard Snyder, presenter at the New Creation conference on October 19

Compassion and Neuroscience—Sister, Can You Spare a Dollar?

man with homeless man

A guest post by Diane Stephens, a keynote speaker at the McCown Symposium on September 23

5 Things I Learned from my Youth Pastors

Englert, Peter

Three individuals highly influenced my spiritual growth from 7th-12th grade: Steve Bellavia, Craig Riportella, and Dan Schmidt. These youth pastors did far more than play games or pull pranks. Each one left an indelible mark on who I am today. As NES focuses on aspects of youth ministry, I wanted to share a few lessons I gleaned from these mentors.

Spiritual Formation for Teens is More Than Camp

youth at campfire iStock

A guest post by Doug Milne (M.Div. '10, Northeastern Seminary)

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