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7 Reasons to Consider a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

Posted by JP Anderson on Oct 18, 2011 3:40:00 PM

Fred Johnson with Bible2 

  1. A Ph.D. isn’t for everyone - In traditional post-graduate education, individuals are required to focus on a particular area; becoming subject matter experts in a small slice of a big theological pie.  A Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) is a professional degree allowing ministry professionals to bring their background to bear in the classroom and eventually within an application-based dissertation.  Many individuals find renewed excitement and focus as they return to the classroom to rethink and imagine their vocation.
  1. Ministry-Friendly Schedule – A traditional D.Min. schedule requires professionals to visit the host campus twice a year for three years. Most programs require two week residencies; some programs allow individuals to stay for just one week depending on their schedule.
  1. Fewer Credit Hours - While most M.Div. programs are 90+ credit hours, a D.Min. is 36 credit hours and broken up into a maximum of six credits per semester.
  1. Peer-to-Peer – D.Min. colleagues have served for years in ministry providing expanded scope and mature perspective. They have completed the master of divinity degree or its equivalent in seminary already. While theological discussion sparks reflection and thought, the majority of discussion surrounds the challenges and opportunities of ministry for the years to come.
  1. Contributing a Body of Knowledge - A D.Min. program allows ministry professionals the framework and guidance to produce a dissertation that will be presented and archived for future benefit in ministry.
  1. Personal growth – Students and graduates report that pursuing a D.Min. helped them achieve new levels of competence in ministry and developed their spiritual maturity and personal faith.
  1. Reasonable Cost – Because of the decreased credit load each semester in a D.Min. program, the cost per semester is often more manageable. In addition, at Northeastern Seminary we award scholarships of 25% to 50% scholarships regardless of part-time or full-time status. The complete degree cost can be as low as $8,500 for the full degree.

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